A June 13, article, by Gregory Zeller, in Innovate Long Island, entitled, "New home, new partners for ambitious STEAM startup" describes that We Connect the Dots "may have found a permanent home – and has definitely identified some promising partners on its STEAM-powered mission." Zeller wrote: "The registered 501(c)3, intent on leveling the technological playing field for underprivileged students via extracurricular science, mathematics, engineering, art and math activities, is now occupying 2,500 square feet in Syosset, carved out of a larger commercial space swimming with children’s programs."


“It’s a really good space for us,” Zeller wrote, quoting WCTD Executive Director, Laurie Carey, “It’s kind of a destination location for parents seeking new and interesting programs for their kids." The article also announces that the new facility will encompass "the Nebula Academy, WCTD’s for-profit arm," describing that Nebula, "focuses on teaching 18-and-older college students and transitioning professionals the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services." Zeller quoted Laurie Carey again, who stated that the skills obtained by students of the for-profit organization can see increases in, "their annual salary potential by as much as $30,000," and, “'paying our rent' in the new Syosset space."



WCTD Benefit-July 12th


As part of the new initiatives surrounding the new space described in the Innovate LI article, WCTD is holding a "Building STEAM Benefit”. We will be sharing images of the plans for the new space, and an opportunity to experience the professional development programs that will be offered in the center, as well as membership opportunities. The evening will provide participants fun educational activities as they explore mixed reality with the HoloLens. Experience what the new center will look like when construction is completed this fall, through a Virtual Reality tour with Oculus Rift.


We hope you will support our mission and be a part of the event on July 12th.




Please CLICK ON THIS LINK  or on the button above to complete our brief form and contact a member of our team. We would be happy to answer any questions about the upcoming event, about the new facilities, and about all of WCTD’s and the Nebula Academy’s exciting learning opportunities and strategic alliances.


AuthorBen Fox

We Connect The Dots Founder and Executive Director, Laurie Carey, recently joined journalist and innovative problem solver, Devin Thorpe, to discuss how we can be better communicators, thinkers, and professionals in a fast-paced, technology-dependent world. By disrupting the status quo and diversifying - not only in our professional workplace but also in our personal relationships - we can benefit from differing perspectives, fostering innovation, and positive change. 

In her endeavors in both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas, Laurie has taught students, teachers, administrators, and other working professionals strategies to work and communicate in brain-friendly ways that benefit their relationships, education, and businesses. 

Some of the methods for brain-friendly communications which Laurie shares in her interview are the foundations for her consulting practice and the pedagogical framework for We Connect The Dots' educational programs. 

Overcoming Brain Bias: Brain bias occurs without conscious thought and affects the decisions you make every day. It can be a blockage preventing you from making more positive relationships in your professional or personal life, or it can prevent you from learning something new. Laurie can often be heard using the words "getting uncomfortable to get comfortable" or encouraging people to stretch themselves. Though it can be difficult or uncomfortable at first, setting goals outside your comfort zone is a way to develop new skills and advance further than was previously thought possible. Though we create our biases over a long period of time, conscious thinking and actions can reshape the way we execute decisions and eliminate brain bias from our daily lives.

Diversity and Innovation: We live in a diverse world, where people of differing ethnicities, religions, and values shape our society. Companies and other professional workplaces spend huge sums of money in order to teach people how to work in a diverse environment because leaders have begun to realize that a blending of different perspectives, diverse mindsets, and ideas is a direct path to innovation. We can promote diversity by simply being open to the idea and creating a space in which to allow for the sharing of different values and ideas. 

Disruption is an Engine of Positive Change: Technology continues to disrupt our workplaces, schools, and communities in a myriad of ways, and the trend of late is that it happens more and more rapidly. Industries that cannot navigate or mitigate disruption to their systems are doomed, but the ones that can are the ones that create positive change. As Laurie likes to say, "You can either be disruptive, or be disrupted." What you choose can determine your future. 

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