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Support Our Programs

We seek strategic and enthusiastic partnerships that will drive the fiscal and operational growth of our organization.

We are seeking support for the following initiatives:

Fellowship Program:

We have developed a Fellowship Program to support leadership in the philanthropic space. This initiative is to develop strong digital leaders for the philanthropic community. We are seeking sponsors to support this program with donations totaling $150,000

Annual Code-A-Thon Planning Retreat:

Each year a team of volunteers collaborates on the planning and execution of our annual Code-A-Thon program. As we grow the program we are in need of funding to support a new training approach to scale and ensure that our site leads are successful in delivering the program. This three day retreat will bring together all of the existing and new sites leads for a 3 Day planning and training session in May of each year. The budget for this three day session is $20,000

Community Ambassador Program Manager:

We are looking for funding to support the hiring of a program manager to run our Community Ambassador Program. This resource will help to provide students with leadership training and teaching opportunities to build capacity for delivering programs in the markets we serve. The budget for this role is $40,000

Community Ambassador Program Budget:

As our organization continues to grow we are seeking funds to support a budget for training, travel, and program supplies to build on the success of our student leadership program. The budget for this program is $30,000

STEAM Research & Education Center:

We are seeking matching funds and sponsors to support the opening of our first STEAM Research & Education Center. Donations can be equipment, furniture, supplies, and or cash donations of any kind.

To learn more about funding our initiatives reach out to us at or contact us at 631-468-7475.

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