Workforce experience Partner Survey


About We Connect The Dots

We Connect The Dots mission is to deliver programs that engage students in positive brain friendly ways and address the learning gaps in today’s school programs. Our design process integrates industry experts, teachers, students and our delivery team to develop programs that bring 21st century workforce skills and neuroscience research together. We call it “The STEAM Recipe for Success”. Each program is designed with a learning goal in mind that introduces students to industry concepts, teaches the value of lifelong learning, supports a path that can lead to additional knowledge or experience, and above all engages to create an interest where there may have not existed before.

This collaborative approach allows us to see the learning experience from multiple perspectives and ensures we are teaching concepts that can be expanded into an interest to go deeper where there is a desire. We build foundational skills that can be leveraged in their future learning experiences and in their careers no matter what path they choose to take.

About Savvy Hires

Savvy Hires is a recruitment consulting firm that helps companies create Strategic Workforce Experience Programs for students.  Programs designed to educate, excite, and train students to become skilled and workforce ready.  Our approach is to train students on the “soft skills” that will make them successful in the workplace.  In addition, the Savvy Hires program includes the identification of learning and business objectives, and provides ongoing support throughout the duration of the program. 

Non-Profit Questionnaire

Thank you for becoming a non-profit sponsor for the Workforce Experience Initiative!  The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand more about your organization, so that we can properly support you throughout the Workforce Experience Program.  You will not be “held” to any of the specific projects, meetings, etc. listed; they are meant to set expectations and provide a guideline.  Please complete this questionnaire and return it to by May 15th.  PLEASE TYPE YOUR ANSWERS.

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Organization Address
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Workforce Experience Program Main Contact Name
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Workforce Experience Program Main Contanct Phone
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Phone Number of Students Manager
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Help us understand the size of the organization the students will be supporting.