The Discovery Day event held at the Microsoft office in the city marked my first event at We Connect The Dots that I was fortunate enough to both plan and attend. After interviewing for my position as a Community Ambassador and attending the International Women’s Meeting at Microsoft, I was ready for my first task in this position. Although planning an event is not the easiest task for ones first experience in the workforce, Laurie instructed me throughout the entire process.

The opportunity to interact with others and gain experience with various Microsoft programs has been paramount towards my intellectual development. Registering the schools in at the front desk, helping the students with the drones, leading the industry panel and touring the students through the building are only some of the highlights of this day. In fact, leading the industry panel and listening to the advice of the Microsoft workers has given me, as well as many of the other students, a greater insight into my future and what I would like to pursue.

Watching the students cooperate with others while learning through the enjoyable activities we planned was a sensational feeling to know the hard work to plan was put to good use.

The interactions and experiences I had at this event made the time I dedicated towards planning it more than worthwhile. Reflecting back on the day, I remain incredibly grateful to all who attended the event and shared new and fascinating ideas.

AuthorBarrett Kanfer