Each day as we lead into Giving Tuesday I plan to share with you a story directly from a student on how our programs have impacted them at a personal level.  When I began this program three years ago it was about helping to change the lives of young students in positive ways.  About helping them understand the opportunities available to them in careers across STEAM and developing the skills necessary to succeed. 

I grew up in a very small town in rural upstate NY.  Not a lot has changed over the years in regards to bringing awareness to career possibilities, especially for young girls.  Starting We Connect The Dots was driven in part by my own experiences in discovering career possibilities.  Not only did I want to ensure that students had the opportunity to learn about career opportunities but to gain the skills needed to be successful in the fields of STEAM.  Providing young girls with the communications, confidence and coping skills to work in fields that were predominantly male dominant was key. We can get them excited and to want to embrace the possibilities but if we send them in unprepared for the challenges ahead of them we set them up for failure.  We need to demonstrate to them the power of diversity and the value that diverse thinking brings to innovation, creativity, and the gender differences that shape our world.

I am excited to share this first story from a young woman who pushes herself to get uncomfortable to get comfortable and how that push changed her. What follows is her story, we have left her name out to protect her privacy. 

Taking part in the WTCD summer conference has opened me up to a new learning experience about myself. I never was really sure about what I wanted to do or sometimes if I was on the right path. Many times in school I lacked confidence in myself. However, when I went to the student program I was able to realize that I do have the capability to make an impact. I was able to learn that everything I do in my life is important because it’s a part of who I am. I realized I was a determined person and goal-oriented because I traveled every day for 2 hours to do the conference, but I didn’t feel it was a burden. I enjoyed working with my group members and collaborating on ideas. At the end of the day, I was proud of what I accomplished.

Without WCTD I wouldn’t be able to have the confidence within myself to continue what I do or even be a part of the student ambassador program. I wanted to do the student ambassador program to demonstrate to other people that they should have confidence within themselves. I wouldn’t have been able to do all the other accomplishments I have done in my school and my community without being a part of this wonderful organization. It brings me hope that there are organizations that make such a big impact not only to my learning, but about my self-awareness. This has allowed me to be surer of myself and learn how to stand proud for the things that I accomplish.

I hope you enjoyed hearing how our organization is impacting students and will support our efforts to do more.  Keep watching as we continue to share how We Connect The Dots is creating positive outcomes for students around the world.

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Giving Tuesday is December 1st we hope you will help us reach our goal.


AuthorLaurie Carey