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Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire and educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) careers.  Through a collaboration with the community, education professionals, the government and the technology industry, WCTD provides awareness and education of 21st Century workforce skills, as well as the opportunities available to students embracing STEAM careers.  Impacting students at a local, national and global level, our programs create a hunger for learning that empowers students to find their own paths to success.

Our Conference:

We have created technology experience conferences for 13-18 year old students.  These five-day conferences will include sessions for parents as well as the students.  Teachers will be involved in designing and teaching each session or co-teaching with STEAM industry experts. The goal is to help bring new and exciting teaching experiences to our schools by helping teachers integrate technology into Common Core learning experiences.

The five-day conference will provide experiential learning.  Students will come away with competencies in 21st century workforce skills and awareness of current and future STEAM career opportunities. Students will also come away excited, inspired and have real world capabilities demonstrating the value of learning math, science, reading, writing.  Competencies that will be integrated into the conferencing experience will be Lifelong Learning, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Teamwork, Information Management, Media and Technology Skills, and Life and Career Skills.

WCTD will create an environment that teaches students the value of working with diverse teams to innovate for the future. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology initiatives in the industry and how those initiatives will craft new career opportunities. Parents will be invited to participate in the final day of the conference.  Sessions will be tailored to engage and educate parents on the latest innovation and how it impacts the learning experience in the classroom.  We will bring awareness to the opportunities for their children in STEAM careers and how they can engage to learn more.  This approach to learning together will ensure students receive parental support and understanding as they engage and finely tune their future career concepts.

Our Facilities:

We are creating Technology Education Experience Centers where students will experience real world 21st Century workforce skills.  The facilities will provide opportunities to keep our students updated on the latest technology solutions and our teachers involved to bridge their knowledge with industry experts in STEAM fields.  We will teach and inspire innovation and creativity to drive our global presence in building the future workforce in STEAM careers.  We will provide awareness of opportunities through creative programs that bring the latest of innovation to the forefront of students, parents, teachers, and communities.  Teacher development will be a key component of our programs delivered within the TEEC. Empowering and supporting the development of our teachers will result in amazing educational experiences that we weave technology into the learning experience. Our facilities will offer simulated programs that provide students the learning experience that excites and motivates students into STEAM careers.

Our Results:

Through partnerships with the technology industry leaders, WCTD will help to feed those industries with the highest class of students. Students will be introduced to a workforce environment where they will hunger for continued knowledge in higher education programs and drive innovation to sustain the workforce of the future. WCTD will teach students and parents what it means to be lifelong learners, reinforcing the value of education in career and life successes. 

We will grow the awareness of opportunities for students to engaging in STEAM careers.  By demonstrating the value of diversity in a creative learning experience we will teach the competencies students need to be successful.   By providing the foundation and tools to stay engaged in emerging career opportunities, WCTD will build a network of student peers to support that sustainability.

We will provide necessary teacher development through experiential learning. Industry experts will weave real-world practice and experience into the expanding knowledge of the teachers.  This multifaceted approach will give teachers the knowledge they need to teach in a way that excites not only their own development but also that of the students they teach.

Our platform and programs will provide training, mentoring, coaching, job shadowing and internships with industry technologists who can share both their knowledge and career experience to educate and inspire our youth to STEAM careers.  Through these programs and tools we will give students a greater chance of realizing long-term career success.




AuthorJamie Trujillo