Student Ambassador PRogram

Caeley Looney, Senior Student Ambassador

Caeley Looney joined WCTD in 2013. While attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, where she studies Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science, Caeley worked around a demanding class schedule, a litany of important exams, and all the pressing challenges of college life in order to help WCTD plan its conferences and Mobile App Development Program. Caeley is passionate about 3D Printing and the future applications of 3D printing tech, so when she told WCTD that she wanted to attend the Inside 3D Printing Conference in NYC, we were more than happy to accommodate her request. Caeley has worked very hard to make WCTD what it is today, and through her contributions we will be able to give the same opportunity to other students in the future. Please check out Caeley's (C) post conference interview with our program manager, Stephen Sobierajski (S), below:

S: What was the student ambassador program able to do for you? Where did it take you

C: I attended the Inside 3D Printing Conference at the Javit's Center in NYC. WCTD was able to provide me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the leading edge of 3D printing technology. It was really an amazing experience. I got to see and experience technology that is not even available to the public yet, but will be revolutionary when it emerges. The things the industry has upcoming are going to be amazing. 

S: What was accomplished by fulfilling your goal? What did you get out of the experience?

C: I got to network with some really important people in the 3D printing industry and develop content for the Creating STEAM Conference in July 2015. I think I accomplished a lot by networking. I met the CEO of Makerbot, who agreed to assist in helping us craft a curriculum for teaching 3D printing tech to other students, and got to meet executives from a lot of other companies, as well. I was also able to assist WCTD by learning more, and being able to share it with other students. I think it will aide in drafting curriculum for future programs.

S: You worked really hard to get to that conference. What was the one thing you were most pleased to have done? What are you most proud of?

C: I'd say that networking was the best part of the experience. 3D printing is going to be a really important part of our future and I was with some of the leading edge innovators in existence today. It was very exciting. I gained a lot of valuable insight on what is coming in the future, and how people are bringing 3D printing into their business, because it was not just people who make 3D printers who attended, but also people who are using 3D printing to expand their businesses and expand the tech through innovation.

S: Now that you have had this opportunity, how do you plan to engage with other students and peers to teach them about what you have learned?

C: WCTD's will be the best way for me to sort out all the info and expand on it in the community. I'll be presenting at the conference, writing about the experience on the blog, talking to students, and we have a radio interview set up in a few weeks where I will be talking about the conference and WCTD. People need to understand how much 3D printing is going to be impacting their lives. Companies are making medicines and medical treatments, foods, consumer products, all with 3D printing technology. I can't wait to tell other people about what I saw and learned. 

S: What was the most exciting exhibit or speech you witnessed at the conference?

C: I really "geeked out" seeing all the technology in action. I don't think I could point to one exhibit because they were all so interesting. It was great to see how all the different machines had differing capabilities but were accomplishing things along similar lines.

S: Is there anything you would do differently if you could go back again?

C: I wish I had spent more time in the exhibit halls. I spent a lot of time listening to the speakers, which were great, but I would like to have seen more of the exhibits and the machines in action.

S: In your opinion, how can the Student Ambassador Program be beneficial to other students in the future? 

C: The Student Ambassador Program can provide once in a lifetime experiences to lots of other students. Students should  pursue their interests and this program can provide that. Not just 3D printing but anything that a student wants to research and learn more about. There are lots of opportunities here.