We have exciting new programs coming, crafted in partnership with industry STEAM leaders.  These partnerships form the basis of content that we teach our students, the core competencies needed for today’s 21st century workforce.  Our programs are designed to create learning experiences that will excite and inspire students to develop a lifelong love for learning.  Students build confidence and awareness of what is needed to succeed in technology-driven and collaborative work environments. 

We-connect-the-dots practices the science and art of education, where sequential development of individual mental processes, such as recognize, recall, analyze, reflect, apply, create, understand, and evaluate are core components. Students learn as they think through the procedures, organization, and structures experienced in social situations. 

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
— Eleanor Roosevelt


Our programs provide students an opportunity to explore what might be possible.  Through experiential learning, our students discover interests that can be the foundation of their future.  Consider all the people who have gone into a field without first experiencing it first hand, simply because it was suggested.  Research shows they are less happy in their work and less likely to achieve career success.  Career pathing based on careful assessment and discovery of interests leads to greater career success.

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If you have a curriculum idea, let us help you bring it to life through our educational development process.  We will work with you to design the program and will provide the opportunity to pilot it in a real world setting.


If you are in a STEAM-related field that is struggling to find a skilled workforce and needs to increase student awareness for future career opportunities, let us help you bring that awareness to our students.  Our curriculum development team will guide and work with you to pilot a program that will ensure a positive experience.

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Career Coaching

Everyone should have a coach.  Having a coach can impact our success in dealing with a dilemma, reaching a goal in life or finding the right career path.  Just as we engage personal trainers or sports-specific coaches to help become healthier or to build a stronger kinetic skill, our education should be looked at the same way. 

Having a career coach creates an opportunity to envision a future and build a plan to reach your goals.  Our programs introduce coaching as a part our teaching model, engaging with students to support their learning experience.  Students learn to develop self-awareness and a strong understanding of their learning style.

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Education Simulation

Working in partnership with our educator community and STEAM industry experts, we develop unique programs that give students a simulated experience.  Imagine students experiencing a day in the life of a data center manager, a software developer or a marketing executive.  Our students will have the opportunity to experience what innovative companies do to bring a product to life.  We bring 21st century job skills to life and inspire our students to learn more about the real world skills associated with STEAM careers.

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