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Our annual code-a-thon is January 26-28  2018. If you are interested in hosting a location for the program, fill out the form below, and someone from our team will reach out to discuss further.

During this annual program students invest in their futures by spending their entire weekend learning invaluable technology skills.  With the support of our host partners students learn how to code with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, while learning how to utilize industry platforms to build websites, and Github to store projects for portfolio development, providing students a unique way to stand out when applying for internships, college applications, and job interviews.  The program is about getting students out of their comfort zones to learn 21st century workforce skills.  

Competing in diverse teams, students work to explore global issues and create a functional website that offered a solution to a problem. This weekend is not just about learning to code, it was also about learning to work in teams, solve complex problems, cross collaborate, communicate across time zones and cultures, and most importantly meet new friends and have fun while learning.


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