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Creative Coding through Games and Apps

Ever wonder how video games are created? Want to learn the technology that goes into making your favorite games and apps? Are you interested in learning how to code?

Learning Computer Science skills opens the door to world-changing possibilities. From making something fun for yourself to helping people in need, what you learn could be the next best thing to having a super power.

What is it? Join us for a few afternoons in June to learn how to create video games using Touch Develop, a Microsoft program that will introduce you to the basics of coding.

No experience necessary! If you are interested in
learning to code, create your own games, or design
apps, you can join us for this free program. There will
be 6 one-hour sessions in total.

Register here:

Where: Everett Hodge Center, 15 Franklin Street, Kingston, NY

When: June 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16 from 3-4 PM.

• Programming language syntax
• Variables
• Data types
• Objects, object methods/properties
• Repetition (for/while/foreach loops)
• Nesting
• Conditionals
• Logical operators
• The coordinate system
• Functions
• Variable scope
• Abstraction
• Events/event handlers
• Animations/use of sprite sheets
• Arrays
• Building and publishing apps/games in TouchDevelop