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We Connect The Dots - Application Development Program

Have you ever wondered how your favorite mobile apps were created?  Do you have a desire to learn more about the work of developers or how to write code and create apps yourself? Come learn with SADA Systems, a leading Microsoft partner, about the work of developers creating web and mobile applications used by millions of people around the world! Over the course of this 10-week workshop, you will learn all of the following and help We Connect The Dots and SADA refine this workshop for other teachers and students in the future.

  • What is custom development?

  • Why is the work of developers important?

  • What are some examples of custom development in your everyday lives, and what did it take to develop those applications?

  • How can you work toward becoming a developer?

  • What is the custom development process like?

Sessions are Monday evenings from 7-9 PM EST.   Beginning May 12th

Join us for a 10 week program and experience the role of a developer through the expertise of Sada  and We Connect The Dots.   To learn more about Sada visit the website .  This pilot program will be shaped together with teachers, students and industry experts.