Accomplishment Pin Program

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To build excitement and provide students a way to share their accomplishments we have implemented our PIN Program, where students earn pins as a part of their coding accomplishments. Each registered student will receive a backpack branded to show they are learning to code and a place they can proudly show their accomplishment pins.

Program Accomplishment Pins

Depending on where a student enters the program the accomplishment pin starting point will vary. All assessment requirements are outline for students as a part of the coding curriculum and shared within our collaboration spaces so that students can strive to achieve milestones and progress in coding. Our coding backpacks with accomplishment pins are a way for students to be recognized for their hard work.

Foundations in CS Pin

Student demonstrates mastery of a Drag and Drop platform and has completed a full assessment with a STEAM Coach. Students are now ready to move to line coding using one of the following languages: JavaScript,Python, HTML. CSS


Mastery of JavaScript Foundations

Mastery of Python Foundations

Mastery of HTML, and CSS

Mastery of Advanced Python Competencies

Mastery of Advanced JavaScript Competencies

Mastery of Github Foundations

Mastery of Digital Citizenship

Mastery of Github Pages

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Foundations of Computer Science  Pin.png