CHECK OUT our STUDENT'S from Westbury, NY 2017 Projects

LauchPad in Westbury was our location for the International Back-to-School Code-a-thon in Long Island this year. Through the generous donation of the owners of 1025 Connect and1025 Old Country Road, We Connect The Dots held our first Code-a-thon on Long Island. Students spent the weekend in an open space office area working against the clock to complete their projects and running back and forth to the computers to collaborate with the other locations on Skype. By day the workspace facility was abuzz with activity, with music and conversations and lots of hard work taking place, and by night the conference rooms became dormitories, allowing students to get some much needed rest for the next day. Though it was hard to choose from so many great projects, the top three submissions and prize winners are outlined below. Each photo represents a different project, with a short description prepared by the students who created it. Please click on the photo or the links below to be taken to each team's website.

First Place Winning Team Site

Team 6 is our first place winning team with their vision of space colonization.

Second Place Winning Team Site

Team 1 is our second place winning team with their Check Your Charity Project, helping bring awareness to how not for profit organizations impact the world through their missions and tracking how donations are spent.

Third Place Winning Team Site

Team 3 is our third place winning team with their Witch Hunt project, utilizing an newly engineered product that can detect drugs placed withing produce coming into the US States from other countries.


Everyone at the International Back-to-School Hackathon is a winner. By investing in their own education, these students have taken a giant leap forward in securing a brighter future for themselves and their peers. Below are links to the student projects not listed above. Nice work, everyone. See you again next year!

Team 2:

Team 4:

Team 5: