Our Technology Education Experience Centers (TEEC) are designed to engage our students in real workforce skills and simulation education programs. Designed and modeled after technology centers built by industry leaders around the world, these facilities will offer courses that embody the definition of cutting edge technology and educational theory.


Simulation   Programs  

Student and teachers will be presented with simulated real-world issues facing industries today, through which participants will learn how to navigate such challenges.  By crafting a learning experience that produces awareness in STEAM careers and the skills needed, We Connect The Dots will be empowering our students and teachers.  Creating partnerships with industry leaders to bring the latest technology and career developments


Real Workforce Skills training

Our Technology Center will offer a cloud based environment that will introduce students to the workforce skills of today and the evolving technology industry.  Technology is integral in every STEAM career and We Connect The Dots programs will introduce students to the skills needed to enter a competitive and expanding STEAM workforce.


In Partnership with Industry Research Organizations

By partnering with industry research organizations we will provide opportunities for our students to better understand future career choices and gain valuable insight into the skills needed to create and maintain a STEAM career path.