2016 Summer Programs

CreatingSTEAM Program - 10 Day Program July 18- 22 and July 25-29, 2016

Location - Microsoft New York City - 11 Time Square

Students participate in a two week program Monday-Friday. Throughout the 10 day experiential learning program students gain competencies in 21st century workforce skills and awareness of STEAM career opportunities for today and in the future. Competencies that are integrated into the 10 day experience are, the Value of Lifelong Learning, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Teamwork, Collaboration On- and Offline, Information Media and Technology Skills, ICT Learning, Knowledge construction, Leaderships, Life and Career Skills.

The age requirements are 13-18 years old.  Teachers and students are involved in designing and teaching the sessions or co-teaching with STEAM industry experts. The intention is to help bring new and exciting teaching experiences to our schools each year by helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom.

Our goal is always a balanced ratio of diverse students attending the conference. We create an environment that teaches students the value and importance of diversity in working in teams to innovate for our future. Students have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology initiatives in the industry and how those initiatives will create innovation and new career opportunities. Our parents are involved in the conference on the last day so that we ensure the support and understanding of the opportunities for our students as they engage with their parents around career ideas.

To learn more about the program check out our blog page from last year's program.

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CreatingIDEAS Program - 5 Day Gaming Industry Program August 8-12, 2016 

Location - Our Lady of Mercy Academy, 815 Convent Road, Syosset, NY

This is a 5 day program where students have the opportunity to experience first hand the roles involved in the gaming industry. This is a project based experiential learning program.  Students work in teams to design a functioning video game built with Unity.  Unity is a game development tool that is a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create 3D and 2D content.  From concept design through delivering a game to market these 5 days will take students through a journey to understand the career opportunities and the roles involved within the rapidly growing and globally competitive gaming industry.  This program is more than learning to create cool games, but expands a students mind to realize the career opportunities that surround the excitement of gaming throughout many industries across STEAM today and growing.

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CreatingIDEAS Advanced: Pc Gaming and Animation - 5 Day program August 15-18

For students looking to further advance their skills, this 5-day program builds on the learning experience from our CreatingIDEAS program. Expanding the competencies mastered during CreatingIDEAS, this advanced program offers students exposure to uncharted territory where they will increase their skills and knowledge of PC game development and deployment. Students will work in teams to explore the roles of professional game developers and compete for exciting prizes when they present their concept to a panel of gaming industry professionals at the end of the week.

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RoBotics: Engineering Design and Development - 5 Day Program August 15-18

Location: Our Lady of Mercy Academy, 815 Convent Road, Syosset NY

This is a 5-day program in which students have the opportunity to experience first-hand the roles involved in the engineering field focused on robotics. Students will work in teams of 6-8 to understand the deisng of the a Humanoid Robot as a foundation of robotics engineering. The learning continued as the team study the inner workings of the robot, the design thinking that went into creating the robot, and how these robots relate to humans. Students will conclude the week with a capstone project that demonstrated their design and application for their robotics project. Industry experts will observe the presentations and select the best one. Exciting prizes available for the winning teams.  

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All students are required to fund raise to attend our summer programs. Each student must earn their participation in the program through fund raising efforts.  Our model ensures that every student has the opportunity to participate no matter what their socioeconomic background.  Students value the learning experience because they have earned the opportunity to be a part of the program. 

Fundraising Minimum Goals

10 Day program - $1500

5 Day program - $750