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We Connect The Dots is currently campaigning on Indiegogo to raise $1,000,000 dollars to fund STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education programs, curriculum development, and access to technology for students around the world. You can be part of our mission to excite, inform, and educate students about STEAM careers by helping us reach our goal, and/or volunteering to socialize our campaign and secure donors. Would you like to be a matching sponsor? Name your challenge and we will meet it! Our campaign will empower schools to bolster their technology education, create jobs, and provide opportunities to students entering the workforce of the 21st century. How will you help us create positive change for students around the world?

How Your Donation Helps

We Connect The Dots' goal is to provide quality educational programming and curriculum for schools that will prepare students for the workforce of the 21st century. Currently there is a massive opportunity gap for young people, with millions unemployed or underemployed and an expansive amount of available jobs that require training in STEAM disciplines. Support for our campaign will help us narrow that gap. The graph below details how donations will be utilized.


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Steam soup

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Students today are in need of strong role models in the professional world of STEAM. To provide insight into that world, WCTD teamed up with experts from across the STEAM industries to create STEAM Soup, a compendium of stories and interviews from real industry professionals who wanted to show the next generation how to go after their dreams. STEAM Soup is designed, curated and published by our Community Ambassadors, who wanted to show their peers what kinds of opportunities are available to them as they move into their professional lives, and highlight the people they look up to in STEAM roles. The book is part of our fundraising campaign, and will be available in December of 2016. We have several opportunities available for anyone interested in taking part in this exciting project:

  • Get Interviewed: If you are a STEAM professional, and want to contribute to our project by telling your story, contact us to arrange for a student ambassador to interview you. You will need to provide a photo, bio, and a list of key accomplishments that got you where you are today. Our ambassadors will fill in the rest during their interview. Contact us at to learn more. 
  • Become a Design Competition Sponsor: We created a special contest for student artists who want to submit their artwork for the cover of STEAM Soup. As a competition sponsor, you will contribute funding to help us edit and publish STEAM Soup, as well as promote the winning artist. You/Your Organization will be listed as a contributor on our dedication page, and you get a free copy of STEAM Soup to show your friends! The minimum sponsorship donation is $250, which can be completed by clicking this link. Thanks for being part of this great project!
  • Donate: Any amount you can give helps our students with their project. Donations over $50 will receive a copy of STEAM Soup in December of 2016. Your contribution matters!


Donors can take advantage of these exciting perks on our campaign page:

  • $10: Shout Out on Social Media (if you want it)
  • $20: WCTD Sticker
  • $50: Autographed Photo
  • $50: Own a Copy of STEAM Soup
  • $150: WCTD Program Brochure
  • $250: STEAM Soup Competition Sponsor
  • $500: Virtual Classroom
  • $500: Name a Robot
  • $500: Student Workbook Tribute
  • $1,000: Give a student a tablet
  • $1,500: Kickstart Your Nonprofit
  • $2,500: Sponsor a student
  • $2,500: Dinner with Community Ambassadors
  • $10,000: Team Building for Your Organization
  • $15,000: Choose a School
  • $50,000: Choose a School Part II

BEcome A Matching Partner

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WCTD is calling on STEAM business, organizations, and educators to become matching sponsors during our campaign. Matching sponsors can accelerate WCTDs' mission to do more for the cause of STEAM education. Name your challenge and we will match it. You can register to become a matching sponsor by completing this form and sending it to We are ready to accept your challenge! Show the world you are a champion for education.


Current supporters for our organization are listed below. These magnificent folks have made it possible for WCTD to offer quality educational programming and workforce training for students all over the world. Want to see your logo here? Donate by contacting us at and let us know why you are passionate about the future of STEAM education.