GIVE THE GIFT OF COACHING That Gives the gift of learning

Join us for our First Annual #CoachingforGood Campaign. All proceeds go towards our student programs. As a part of We Connect The Dots sustainability plan, Laurie Carey Consulting, a for profit organization, was created.  After three years of building WCTD it was time to ensure all of our hard work in building the organization had a support for financial sustainability long term.  We have a two year plan to stabilize WCTD while Laurie Carey Consulting builds momentum to support the organization.  The two organizations align with a mission to support teaching brain-based coaching and brain-based learning approaches.  When you engage with Laurie Carey Consulting a portion of the profits each year support We Connect The Dots so the organization can continue to offer students positive learning experiences. We designed the campaign to introduce the connection between the two organizations and demonstrate our commitment to helping others on their path towards success.

Imagine giving someone a gift that can create the positive outcomes they are struggling to gain. A gift that will change someone's future in positive ways. Whether you are looking to reward an employee for a great year, or a friend who has been supportive, giving the gift of coaching will be a gift they remember for a life time.


There are numerous coaches on the market that you can engage with, but having a brain-based coach that is trained in neuroscience which is backed by research will bring greater value to you as a coachee. If you want to experience a brain-based coach this First Annual #CoachingforGood campaign can provide you that opportunity.  The coaches involved in our campaign are all brain-based coaches and have all generously volunteered three hours of their time to support We Connect The Dots.  Thank you to all of our coaches for supporting our educational programs. When you participate in this campaign all of the funds go directly to student experiential learning programs and you get great value back as a thank you.


We have learned more about the brain in the past two decades than in all of previous human history. A good deal of what we are learning is surprisingly counter-intuitive. Without a solid grounding in how the brain functions and how to work with (instead of against) it, a coach’s results can be sub-optimal. Working with how the brain functions enables a coach to create foundational change that results in longer-lasting impact, behavior change, and results.  To learn more about the research behind the value visit

HERE ARE SOME gift giving ideas:

  • Rewarding an employee at the end of the year with a coach so next year is even more successful
  • Give a friend or family member a coach to help them through a career change
  • Give your spouse, friend or family member a gift of coaching to drive their new business
  • Help support an entrepreneur to jump start their business

There are so many ways that coaching can impact someone's life. Take the opportunity to give yourself a gift to work towards a new year's resolution or support you to move through a difficult challenge whether that is personal or professional.

Here is how the fundraising campaign works:

Review the coaches below and select the coach based on their specialty or coaching rate.  Once a coach has been selected and a donation made they will no longer be available so don't delay.  Each coach is only available in quantities of one.  To demonstrate how important this is to our organization our CEO Laurie Carey is offering two 3 hour coaching sessions, but please only one per customer. This campaign will run from December 15th - January 15th.  All coaching sessions will be delivered virtually. 


Laurie Carey

Laurie Carey is a new American educator – challenging the problems of American education with a multi-prong vision that brings the tools of business success, innovative educational practices, and strategic technology to schools, districts, universities, teachers, students and parents.  The entities that she has founded, Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC and We Connect the Dots, Inc., are driven by ideas, passions, individual skills, partnerships and the efficacy of research. Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC and We Connect the Dots, Inc. utilize mutually supporting designs to bring American education to a new level of effectiveness and leadership by replacing stagnation and irrelevance with passionate motivational learning and teaching.

Laurie is a Results Professional Certified Coach (RPCC), specializing in Career Change and Planning, Business Development (Entrepreneur), and Program Development and Execution coaching. 

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What Laurie's clients say about her coaching "Laurie provided me with coaching services at a pivotal time when I felt ‘stuck’. She guided me through exercises that helped me recognize my strengths and supported me by helping me walk through the process of creating a plan. This enabled me to clearly envision my future goals and act on my plan. Months after completing sessions with Laurie, I’m still reaping the benefits of coaching"

Paul McGinniss

Paul enjoyed a successful 20-year career in corporate America before starting Response-Able Consulting LLC.  He currently serves as Program Director for Laurie Carey Consulting, LLC, building brain-based development programs for the Education and Corporate sectors.  As a human performance consultant, executive coach, and master facilitator, the focus of Paul’s work is on helping leaders create new thinking, reengage their employees, jumpstart performance, and maximize their results.

Paul holds a Masters degree in Human Resources Management & Labor Relations.  He completed a Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership (2012) and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (applying for his ICF Master Certified Coach credential in 2015).  Paul is a Results Professional Certified Coach (RPCC), a NeuroLeadership Group Coach Trainer, Mentor Coach, and Coach Assessor.  Paul was selected NLG Trainer of the Year (2011-2012) and is also a TAB-certified Strategic Business Leadership® Coach.  Paul specializes in Executive coaching, Business coaching, and Workplace coaching.

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What Paul's clients say about his coaching "Paul is a pleasure to work with....he takes a great personal interest in what you do, what he does and what he can do for you. Life is too short not to work with people that you like. Paul is one of the good ones and he gets the job done. It is worth reaching out to him"

Catherine Hambley

In her work as a consulting psychologist, Catherine translates relevant neuroscience into practical applications in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching, organizational culture, navigating change, strategic planning, and building successful, high performing teams. She has served as a strategic business partner to leaders and organizations that are looking to enhance their effectiveness and ensure the success of their people and their companies.  As both an internal and external consultant, Catherine has worked across a broad set of industries and organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, governmental agencies, privately held businesses, start-up companies, and non-profit organizations.   

Catherine is a Ph.D. psychologist and has been certified in Brain-based coaching.  

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What Catherine's clients say about her coaching: "Catherine has an ability to develop trust and rapport, willingness to address the tough issues, and facilitates noticeable change"

Liz Guthridge

Liz Guthridge is a coach, consultant and published author. She enjoys working with innovative individuals who get stuck figuring out the best way to turn their ideas into action and inspire others to join them on their journey.  Liz also likes working with smart people whose speed, work style and obsessions often unintentionally rub people the wrong way.   

With Liz’s background in applied neuroscience, behavior design and lean communications®, she strives to keep things “simple, social and fun.”  That makes it easier for individuals to apply their will and skill to get over the hill to reach their goals.  

Liz holds a Certificate in Foundations in Neuroscience and is a Tiny Habits coach.  Her specialties include improving clarity, getting "unstuck", and building habits.

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What Liz's clients acknowledge about her coaching: "After finishing a coaching assignment with me, my clients often get a promotion, complete a book and start to fast-track their business. They compliment me for my nudges, support and discussion, which helped them think more clearly, see their situation with fresh eyes and kept them on task." 

Susan Hahn

Susan Hahn is president of Swan Consulting Group, Inc., an executive coaching, mediation, and training firm.  She is the founding president of the International Coach Federation (ICF) MD Chapter.  She is an active participant in the Harvard Medical School/McClain Hospital programs focused on coaching in healthcare, and provides workshops for the annual conference of the Physician Coaching Institute (PCI).  Susan is adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University, The College of Notre Dame and the University of Maryland.

Susan is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a Certified Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute, and a Certified Mediator through The Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers (MICPEL).  She is also certified as Master Facilitator for the Strength Deployment Inventory, DiSC, and EQi 360 (Emotional Intelligence).  Susan specializes in coaching for Corporate and Government Executives, Physician Leaders, and Teens & Young Adults around Life Transitions.

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What Susan's clients say about her coaching: "In partnerships that develop our executives and physician leaders, Susan supports our ability to provide outstanding patient care."

Renee Toplansky 

Renée is an experienced facilitator, certified career and executive coach, and human resources professional. She leverages her neuroscience background to help her clients quickly identify priorities, clearly envision their future, and sustain energy and inspiration to reach their goals. Her clients achieve peak performance, thrive through change, develop personally, communicate effectively, and build successful teams.

Renée holds a Master of Science degree in Communications, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is a Results Professional Certified Coach (RPCC). She co-hosts the ICF-NJ  Bergen County Chapter. Renée serves as Lead Trainer, Executive Coach, and Coach Mentor and Assessor for NeuroLeadership Institute. She is a certified facilitator for DiSC, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, EQi/EQi 360 (Emotional Intelligence), and AMA and Achieveglobal leadership programs. She is also a Toastmasters International Competent Communicator. Renée's coaching specialties include Career, Leadership, and Communications coaching.

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What Renee's clients say about her coaching:"Renée asks thoughtful and challenging questions, and it is remarkable how quickly she was able to learn who I am and use this knowledge to help me with my development. She has a caring manner, yet holds you accountable...I can attribute much of the progress I made over the past year to the time spent and insights shared with Renée. I highly recommend her as a coach."

Kristin Humbargar

Kristin Humbargar is the founder of KLH Coaching Studio, and Director of its collaborative working space Living Room: Center of Positivity. 

As a learning and leadership coach, drawing on positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and creativity Kristin specializes in helping people reconnect to curiosity while embarking on a self defined path toward living their most desirable future now.

Kristin is Certified in Positive Psychology (CiPP), trained as a Brain Based Coach (BBC) and in Positive Psychology coaching, has studied emotional intelligence and leadership, Intentional Change Theory coaching (ITC) is a graduate student in Positive Organizational Development. She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree.

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What Kristin's clients say about her coaching:"I can say with full confidence that Kristin's coaching played a large role in getting me where I am today - a self-employed business owner, completely in love with what I do on a daily basis and openly excited for all the things life inevitably throws my way.”

Scott Wigley

Scott is a business and executive coach who works with both senior leaders and business professionals of all levels.  He specializes in helping his clients in three primary areas:  leadership capability, career development and executive presence and communication. He brings hands-on business experience, deep subject matter expertise in executive development and is certified in brain-based  coaching through the Neuroleadership Institute.

In addition, Scott has almost 20 years of business experience –including roles in sales, marketing and leadership development. Scott’s background includes working with executives in Sales, HR, IT, Marketing, Legal, and Operations in Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing small businesses.

Scott is also Certified as a brain-based coach though NLI and specializes in career development, leadership development, and executive presence and communication.

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What Scott's clients say about his coaching:"Scott doesn’t give me the answers, he asks questions that really make me think for myself and develop my own solution.  More than anything else, we work on real business issues and challenges.  I’ve learned a lot about myself working with Scott and I’ve also achieved better results faster in my business.”

Chris Sier

Chris Sier has worked in Information Technology over 25 years with extensive management experience serving automotive, manufacturing and government organizations.  She is an expert in helping clients discover and act on their potential to achieve desired results for themselves, their organizations and their teams and creating their own brand identity.

Chris brings a diverse perspective to coaching based on her experience as a Manager, Process Improvement Consultant, Trainer, and Coach. She has authored numerous booklets and articles in which she shares tips on how to clarify, choose, and take action on “the right things” versus everything and is currently writing a book on career strategies for women.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development with a minor in Psychology from Central Michigan University.  She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Board Certified Coach (BCC), a Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG), as well brain based Results Coaching Systems Internal Coach Training (RCS ICT).  Chris is also certified in DiSC Assessment.

Her specialties are Executive/Leadership, Career Progression/Transition, and Life Coaching.

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What Chris's clients say about her coaching:" When I started working with Chris, I had been looking for a job from another state and for a few months. She transformed my frustration into hope by showing me how my abilities would be valuable to an employer, and was always available for me when I felt discouraged. Chris helped me to quickly define the value I bring in my profession—my personal brand. She updated my LinkedIn profile and fine-tuned my resume plus tailored each application submission to highlight how my experience and strengths fit the job requirements, which helped me get noticed; and I found my dream job! I can’t thank Chris enough for her support, guidance, and advice."

Tamera Schmidt

Tamera is Chief Gratitude Officer for Enlightened Coach. She is an experienced leadership facilitator, public  speaker, and  certified neurocoach with focus oncareer, sales, high school administration and executive coaching.  With a masters in multi media education, Tamera’s coaching career spans work at Hewlett Packard, Agilent, CheckPoint, Oracle, Cisco, Auto Desk and Vmware. She has also been a keynote speaker at CEMA, Lesbians in Tech, Wisdom 2.0 and many corporate sales kick offs.

She leverages her neuroscience background to give back by connecting technical mentors to high school leadership groups through a coaching series called, “Before you Lean In, the Neuroscience of Change.“ This is also her most request public keynote.  Her clients achieve their personal and professional goals through action oriented insight, assisting them through positive  change, and bringing out the Manager, Leader and Coach in order to drive revenue and create high performing  teams.

Tamera  holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Based Education, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is a Results Professional Certified Coach (RPCC).  She is a certified facilitator for DiSC, Fascination, Managing Transitions, Sales leadership academies, PAUSE sales managers coaching and is the executive coach to Women of Purpose and Wisdom 2.0.  Tamera’s  coaching specialties include Career, Leadership, Sales Management, Transformational Change and High School leadership academies.  She also does extensive public speaking and  keynotes. 

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What Tamera's clients say about her coaching:"Working with Tam allowed me to create a strategic vision for my future and with her help actual actionable steps that created successes and built momentum. While my plan was a 3 year one, I achieved my personal goal in just over a year. My professional goal has now expanded and we have built a whole new vision. Her ability to lead me through personal blocks on my vision through insight kept me moving forward no matter what the challenge.  Tam is fantastic!”