Highlights from our First Annual building Steam Benefit held July 12th

We Connect The Dots is opening our first STEAM Research & Education Center in Syosset, NY. This facility will play a key role in supporting workforce development and educational programs for communities across Long Island. Watch the Highlight Video to take a first look at the Professional Learning Center at our fundraising event “Building STEAM Benefit”. We shared images of the plans for the new space, and participants had the opportunity to experience the professional development programs that we offer in the center. The evening provided participants fun educational activities as they explore mixed reality with the HoloLens. Experienced what the new center will look like when construction is completed, through a Virtual Reality tour with Oculus Rift. Learned about the value of membership within the center and the exciting learning possibilities.

The “Building STEAM Benefit” was an opportunity for community members across Long Island to learn how they can support our success with opening the STEAM Research & Education Center and how they can gain value from this exciting first of its kind community resource. A resource that will address a much needed gap in how we support the need for continuous learning in order for our workforce to stay relevant as a result of technology evolution. We will be holding a ground breaking ceremony to celebrate together this exciting opportunity ahead of us. We hope you will support our mission and be apart of our Capital Fundraising Campaign through our online auction.

Missed the event? You can still help us by making a donation or supporting us through our Capital Fundraising Campaign.

From left to right - Legislator Siela Bynoe, Legislator Josh Lafazan, Senator Jim Gaughran, Founder & Executive Director Laurie Carey

From left to right - Legislator Siela Bynoe, Legislator Josh Lafazan, Senator Jim Gaughran, Founder & Executive Director Laurie Carey

Community Ambassador Students - Alumni and Present

Community Ambassador Students - Alumni and Present

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Here are some examples of what participants experienced at our Building STEAM Benefit. Learn about our membership model and how you can become a founding member of this new hi-tech professional learning center.

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Explore Learning Coding with Drones  

Have fund learning to code with physical computing. These education drones are designed for classrooms, introducing students to coding, teaching computational thinking and advance math skills. Participants will be able to experience first hand how we teach and engage students in experiential learning.

Making & Coding With IoT (Internet of Things)

Today’s students where raised with utilizing cell phones and tablets, but learning how they work is an exciting new experience with Micro:bits from BBC. Participants will be able to create an IoT device and explore concepts like accelerometer, magnetometer and more.

Experience how

3D printers works

Learn how we research new innovative products to support educators in building competence and confidence with new forms of technology in the classroom.


Families That Learn Together Succeed

Let’s get our children ready and equipped with the skills to thrive in a new world. Parents can’t be left behind so it’s time to support computational thinking skills, and understanding how education is evolving in the classroom. Join us and be a part of the transformation!


Podcast Studio

“Studio Nebula”

Learn about our Podcast studio - “Studio Nebula” and how students, educators, and community members can leverage this hi-tech resource to learn to create digital content and build communication skills. Learn what it takes to build an audience and express your creative skills through podcasting, or online content creation.

Coding Programs that support teaching real-world problem solving and community impact.

Learn about our annual Code-A-Thon and how that program supports empowering not only students, but the communities involved in supporting the program. Each year this program takes place across multiple states impacting hundreds of students and volunteers.


Experience new an innovative technology

Participants attending the Building STEAM benefit will have the opportunity to experience a number of new and innovative technologies including the Microsoft HoloLens. These new technologies are changing the way we teach and learn and provides students exciting ways to build competencies in new ways.

Community Ambassador Program

Meet students from our Community Ambassador program, students who volunteer to make an impact in their community while differentiating themselves from other college applicants. This program provides students with modern workforce skills and the opportunity to make a difference for others.


SmartGlass Technology

Learn how SmartGlass will be utilized inside The facility. Designed by Research Frontiers, Inc. a Long Island based Biotech company. SmartGlass provides innovative ways to create a unique learning space where participants learning to code will be able to interface with the nano technology through coding.