July 12th 6:00 - 9:30 PM

We Connect The Dots is opening our first Nebula Academy location, a part of our STEAM Research & Education Center Project. The facility branded “Nebula Academy” will play a key role in supporting workforce development and educational programs for communities surrounding the center. Join us to take a first look at the Professional Learning Center. We will be sharing a first look at images of the newly designed space, and an opportunity to experience first-hand the professional development programs that will be offered in the center. Have fun exploring mixed reality with the HoloLens, explore the new center through a Virtual Reality tour with Oculus Rift. Learn about the value of membership within the center and the exciting learning possibilities.

Experience our new Professional Learning Center “Nebula Academy” before it opens this fall. Take a walk through the facility in VR with Oculus Rift.

Syosset Schematic.png

Join in an evening of fun and experience first-hand how we empower communities.

Here are some examples of what participants will experience at our Building STEAM Benefit.

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Explore Learning Coding with Drones  

Have fund learning to code with physical computing. These education drones are designed for classrooms, introducing students to coding, teaching computational thinking and advance math skills. Participants will be able to experience first hand how we teach and engage students in experiential learning.

Making & Coding With IoT (Internet of Things)

Today’s students where raised with utilizing cell phones and tablets, but learning how they work is an exciting new experience with Micro:bits from BBC. Participants will be able to create an IoT device and explore concepts like accelerometer, magnetometer and more.

Experience how

3D printers works

Learn how we research new innovative products to support educators in building competence and confidence with new forms of technology in the classroom.


Families That Learn Together Succeed

Let’s get our children ready and equipped with the skills to thrive in a new world. Parents can’t be left behind so it’s time to support computational thinking skills. Learn how education is evolving in the classroom. Join us and be a part of the transformation!