The AWS Chatbot Challenge - San Diego, CA July 27, 2019



WHY AWS Education?

  • Tech jobs related to cloud computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.) will see the largest growth in the coming year, according to New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. 

  • Cloud computing has become an incredibly lucrative pillar of the modern economy and an area of intense focus for the world’s tech giants. 

  • Cloud computing software developers will be in high demand as Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to ramp up and expand their cloud computing services to even more industries.

  • By 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 1.4 million open computer science-related positions and only 400,000 qualified candidates to fill them. The pipeline is far too small; not nearly enough people are being encouraged and brought into the tech fold.


WHEN/WHERE - Event Details:

Date: Saturday July 27, 2019

Time: 9am-6pm

Location: Amazon 10300 Campus Point Dr, San Diego, CA 92121

Expected Attendance: 70

WHO - Participants

Bringing female and underrepresented students (age 18+) together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) professionals to connect, collaborate, and innovate with Amazon Sumerian

Open to both women and men. This event is suitable for students, new grads and IT professionals just getting started on the cloud. Participants will learn to:

  • Create their first interactive scene using Amazon Sumerian and a Sumerian host

  • Create custom speech with gestures

  • Integrate a chatbot using Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly

WHAT - Participants Will Learn

This is a beginner level event, no specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise is required. Working in teams of 4-5 participants, participants will learn to create conversational, intelligent chatbots using Amazon Sumerian, a Sumerian host and then leave prepared to keep innovating by integrating Alexa skills with your Sumerian scene. Teams will present their chatbot solution to a panel of judges and compete for fun prizes at the end of the day.

Make a Donation - Become a SPonsor

Sponsorship Opportunities

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations from our sponsors will allow us to provide prizes and swag bags to attendees, light breakfast, lunch, snacks, signage and printed material to attendees while they access the state of the art Amazon San Diego meeting facilities in University City, San Diego, CA.

Participants will also have the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced mentors, judges and AWS pros from the San Diego tech community.!  

Donations Requested

Your company or name will be published and announced as a sponsor. Thank you!

  • Prize donations (can be tech toys or gift cards. Up to 5 for each winning team please)

  • Cash or gift cards ($10, $25 or $50)

  • SWAG bag items: (i.e., company branded items such as t-shirts, stickers, thumb drives, etc.)

  • Light breakfast (i.e., pastries, donuts, fruit) and coffee for 70 participants and 20 volunteers

  • Lunch and drinks for 70 participants and 20 volunteers

  • Snacks for 70 participants and 20 volunteers

  • Cash or gift cards to cover printing and signage

Sponsors Will Receive:

We appreciate the support from local businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals that believe in this great opportunity to position their organization as one who is helping to build the tech workforce of tomorrow. As a sponsor, your logo will be placed along side of other cosponsors on the web, on social media, in the program guide and announced at the event. You will get exposure to the up-and-coming workforce, college grads and existing AWS and IT professionals, plus media mentions for your contribution to building the tech workforce of tomorrow in San Diego.  

Make a Donation - Become a SPonsor

Thank You for Building the Workforce of Tomorrow.


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